Italian windows

At the end of last Summer, I took an amazing “solo” backpacking trip around northern Italy. I visited a LOT of museums, cathedrals, palaces… Certainly, they were all gorgeous, but the amount of exhibited material can be saturating after a while. To be honest, my favorite part (art-wise) were the streets, the houses, and, especially, the windows. Venice and Verona had probably the most painteresque…


An artist I love…

I just want to share the work of an artist that I absolutely love, not only because she is extremely talented and original, but also because her work has so much soul, that it already makes the World a better place… She is also my mother.

Here is a link to her gallery, and this is a little preview:

Scorpions  Scorpions Love Dance by Elena Basiuk


Leafy Seadragons in Magellanic Clouds by Elena Basiuk


Triptych of Morelos by Elena Basiuk